Style Session: Luke (Pt. 1)


Lindsey's fiance' has been traveling quite a bit. I setup an appointment at Suitsupply to meet him and see if we can get a suit for his upcoming engagement shoot with Lindsey and hopefully narrow down an option for the wedding as well. Suitsupply gave us the Royal treatment and explained all our options. With a little over a week to go we are hoping the final option gets here on time and ready for the engagement session.

Besides style talk we chatted about all things logistics and distribution. With my distribution experience and Luke's direct knowledge of some of the software I've used, it made for some interesting conversation.


The Shop.


The tie selection. 


Ideal sleeve length for a suit jacket. Keep in mind that this could be a personal preference. 


Ideal sleeve length and cuff for a dress shirt.


Coming together nicely.

Anastasia Adelita