Han & Joe

"Love, Style & Tradition"

I first met Han exactly four months before her wedding. She was in the process of finishing her dissertation and needed assistance bringing everything together for her celebration. A beautiful lace gown was chosen for her first look and a traditional red chinese gown was chosen for her second. The big question was, what are my bridesmaids going to wear? Unfortunately, the deadline was cutting it close to order traditional bridesmaids dresses and Han wanted red, red and more red. With that in mind, we discussed opting for a two tone color-blocked ensemble to balance the look.

I found a beautiful apple red hi-lo taffeta skirt by Adrianna Papell and a high neck cream lace blouse by H&M for all of the bridesmaids. For a subtle and regal look for her maid of honor who flew all the way from China, I chose to embroider the lace blouse with gold trimming. 

Han chose an amazing bridal gown for her day.  I was speechless when I first saw her in it. Everything from her hair accessories down to her shoes were chosen to complement her look. Some of the accessories made it all the way from China. Han smiled every minute throughout the process, despite the time crunch. The day was as beautiful as I imagined.  It was truly a celebration for her, Joe and the families.

Photography: Michelle Scott | Dress: Anya Bridal, Traditional Chinese | Shoes: Traditional Chinese | Accessories: Contemporary & Vintage Finds | Bridesmaids: Adrianna Papell, H&M, Custom Embroidery.

Feature:  Michelle Scott Photo